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20th April, 2019
We now accept Bitcoin!

We now accept Bitcoin!

Hashed has been released! You guessed it, download it FREE here.

By popular demand, we've brought back some Golden Oldies! MemoryMagik, FileShredder and HTML Encrypt It! All available to download 100% FREE.

FileEncrypt Lite Edition has been released! Download it FREE here.

PHP-Pad Lite Edition has been released! Download it FREE here.

LJScripts Site Check Lite Edition Special - Get the LJScripts Site Check program for only $19.99!

The basic traffic exchange scripts (auto, manual, combo and start) have been updated to v2.2! Our v2 basic traffic exchange scripts now include one-time-offers, support tickets, a downline builder and splash pages!

New V2 Prices
Basic Auto Traffic Exchange Script $20
Basic Manual Traffic Exchange Script $40
Basic Start Traffic Exchange Script $40
Basic Combo Traffic Exchange Script $60

LJScripts Site Check Help - LJSC Protocol/Command Line

The ljsc protocol enables you to launch the LJScripts Site Check program from within your Web browser. Appending a colon (:) and the complete URL you want to check will automatically load the application and begin the check process on the passed URL. So for example if your HTML A HREF tag contained the following:

<a href="ljsc:http://www.ljscripts.com/">Check Site<a>

When the link is clicked (assuming the LJScripts Site Check program is installed on your system), the URL after ljsc: (in our example http://www.ljscripts.com/) is automtically checked by the application. You can set the LJScripts Site Check program to load these sites in a new tab or the first tab each time a site is passed to the application.

A command line option now also exists, where any sites passed as parameters will be loaded and checked by the program. The synopsis for the command line is as follows:

LJScriptsSiteCheckLE.exe URL...

"C:\Program Files\LJScripts Site Check LE\LJScriptsSiteCheckLE.exe" http://www.ljscripts.com/ http://www.ljscripts.com/site_check/page_test

Would prompt the application to load both sites above in a tab and begin the check process on each site simultaneously.