LJScripts Site Check Help - LJSC Protocol/Command Line

The ljsc protocol enables you to launch the LJScripts Site Check program from within your Web browser. Appending a colon (:) and the complete URL you want to check will automatically load the application and begin the check process on the passed URL. So for example if your HTML A HREF tag contained the following:

<a href="ljsc:http://www.ljscripts.com/">Check Site<a>

When the link is clicked (assuming the LJScripts Site Check program is installed on your system), the URL after ljsc: (in our example http://www.ljscripts.com/) is automatically checked by the application. You can set the LJScripts Site Check program to load these sites in a new tab or the first tab each time a site is passed to the application.

All of the LJScripts Traffic Exchange Scripts have the option to enable ljsc: links in the script admin area for convenient site testing.

A command line option now also exists, where any sites passed as parameters will be loaded and checked by the program. The synopsis for the command line is as follows:

LJScriptsSiteCheckLE.exe URL...


"C:\Program Files\LJScripts Site Check LE\LJScriptsSiteCheckLE.exe" http://www.ljscripts.com/ http://www.ljscripts.com/site_check/

Would prompt the application to load both sites above in a tab and begin the check process on each site simultaneously.