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NOTE: Most admin features are disabled for security purposes

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LJScripts Advanced Traffic Exchange Script (ATES) V2

Our Advanced Traffic Exchange Scripts (ATES) have been around since 2002. This traffic exchange script is a ready made Business in a Box. Version 2 includes years of work which has finally made its way into the ATES line-up. With new features like the Fully Integrated PayPal IPN System, PayPal Encrypted Website Payments (EWP) support, One-Time-Offers (OTO), Downline Builder and Advertising/Upgrade Packages, the LJScripts Advanced Traffic Exchange Script will make you a leader in the Traffic Exchange Industry for another 20 years to come.

The Advanced Traffic Exchange Script V2 Features List is too long to list here. Please see the Demo above for a broader picture of what the Advanced Traffic Exchange Script V2 package truly contains.

LJScripts Advanced Traffic Exchange Script Features

  • Fully integrated PayPal IPN System that processes site advertising/account upgrade purchases automatically!
  • Strong PayPal Button Encryption features - stop prying eyes from viewing your PayPal payment buttons!
  • Advanced surf anti-cheat mechanisms
  • Separate auto and manual credit systems (combo version only)
  • Paid to Surf - members can sell credits back to admin features (at a rate for each account type set by you!).
  • Paid to Click features - Cash and credit click rewards.
  • Extensive One-Time-Offer (OTO) features
  • Downline Builder add-on included Free!
  • Splash Page features!
  • On screen surfing cash and credit bonuses!
  • Unlimited modifiable member account types with unlimited upgrade options!
  • Lifetime account upgrades.
  • Member banner & text link rotator with member convert credits and cash features!
  • Random surf frames - top and bottom surf bar rotator!
  • Member account statuses - admin can suspend accounts and set days before inactivity!
  • Site of the day/first surf site settings
  • Powered by PHP and a MySQL database.
  • PHP 7 compatible!
  • Access to PHP source code
  • 200 Web templates for your site design.
  • Admin area login brute-force detection features
  • Restrict member accounts to unique IP addresses
  • Site news.
  • Sell individual items or packages of credits, banner & text imps, account upgrades/packages, PTC ads etc.
  • Random referral generator with settings per user or per account type.
  • Unlimited referral levels with modifiable ratios for each account type!
  • Unlimited member commission levels
  • Unlimited new referral bonus levels (auto/manual credits, cash & banner/text impressions)
  • Account verification system - verifies new member email addresses and re-verifies email changes
  • Modify the amount of pages new members must surf before:
    1. An account is fully active;
    2. The signup bonuses are credited and;
    3. The referring bonuses are credited (if applicable).
  • Modifiable surf timer and surf ratios for each account type & surf bar!
  • Site abuse reporting system.
  • Contact Us script - hides your email from spammers!
  • Member or admin approval of sites with settings for each account type.
  • Member promotional/referring banner database.
  • Banned email addresses/domains, banned IP Addresses and banned sites!
  • Allowed/whitelist sites!
  • New member signup bonuses (cash, auto credits, manual credits and link/banner impressions)
  • Referring bonuses (cash, credits [auto and manual], link and banner impressions)
  • Referral page credit earnings - members get an amount set by admin per unique referring page view.
  • Extensive contest options (surf, referring new members, referral page views etc..).
  • User convert cash to credits, banner and text link impressions.
  • User convert manual to auto credits and auto to manual credits - set for each account type!
  • Transfer credits to referrals!
  • Auto assign credits with minimum required amounts set by the site admin!
  • MySQL powered Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
  • Extensive admin search members, sites, banners, text links, PTC ads and IPN transactions.
  • Find cheaters with the click of a button!
  • Fully customisable to your own needs!
  • HTML Templates - surf bars/footer, PTC bar, main page, member main page, terms, privacy, etc.
  • All site Email Templates - signup, lost password, referral notification, expired upgrades, etc.
  • Extensive anti cheat technology - includes anti frame breakers!
  • Lifetime of FREE upgrades!
  • Free 24/7 email support.
  • And so much more!

There's more and more features that aren't mentioned here (see working demo at the top of this page) and features/improvements are added constantly! Remember the price entitles you to a LIFETIME of FREE upgrades. You can start your OWN business today! Multiple domain installs, re-selling and/or re-distribution is STRICTLY PROHIBITED unless additional license keys are purchased. You are given a unique license key that must be activated on the licensed domain. We will not tolerate those attempting to abuse the licence terms and will remove all UPGRADE rights for the main offender/license key holder. View the terms of using this script package here

Minimal Server Requirements

Please download the requirements.php file and upload/view on the server you would like to run the ATES V2 scripts from. This will inform you if your server/web host has enabled the required features for the script to run.


  1. PHP >= 5.2 required (The ATES V2 Scripts are compatible with PHP 7)*
  2. MySQLi PHP support (MySQL was removed and replaced with MySQLi in PHP 7)*
  3. PHP OpenSSL, PHP cURL and either the eval or tmpfile PHP functions enabled/unrestricted*
  4. Ability to change folder CHMOD properties on your site*
  5. Ability to run cron jobs*
  6. Some HTML knowledge is advised, however, there are 200 free web templates included!

A top level domain is advised but not required, the LJScripts Advanced Traffic Exchange Script runs from any folder on your site!

*Check with your web hosting provider if these functions/features are enabled/available

So, are you ready to start your own unique paid to manual/auto surf traffic exchange with paid to click features? The NEW V2 $149.99 special will not last for long. This script has been valued at over $200 which is pennies when you consider how much you can make in return! The LIFETIME of FREE UPGRADES not just UPDATES is PRICELESS.