LJScripts Site Check - LE

The LJScripts Site Check Lite Edition is a webmaster utility developed for Traffic Exchange Script/Website owners so that they may adequately scan and check a website for frame-breaking scripts, pop-up windows, hidden iframes and other malicious/unwanted content before they release the site into rotation on their traffic exchange.

The LJScripts Site Check Lite Edition is similar to a Web browser. You install it on your Windows system and manually check each site by entering it into the address bar

Windows 10 compatible

System Requirements

  • 233 MHz Processor (Recommended: 500MHz or greater)
  • 32 MB RAM (Recommended: 128 MB RAM or greater)
  • 3 MB hard disk drive space
  • Windows Operating System (XP and above)

LJScripts Site Check LE Screenshot

LJScripts Site Check Features

  • Compatible with any traffic exchange script/website
  • Reports and thoroughly checks for:
    • Frame breakers
    • Redirects
    • Pop-up windows
    • Javascript message boxes
    • Script errors
    • Banned words/phrases/content
    • Visible Frames
    • Hidden Frames
    • Suspect Frames (frame height and width limits that you can preset)
  • Now includes tabs (check unlimited sites at once!)
  • ljsc: protocol allows you to launch the application via your web browser
  • Command line arguments now supported
  • Checks all script and frame src files.
  • Inbuilt interpreter that scans the HTML and JavaScript code as it is executed in memory. Encrypted javascript cannot escape!
  • View source option for the URL you are checking and all frames found in the page (now includes DOM source)
  • Easy configuration with an inbuilt Pop-up blocker.
  • Check page load time
  • Integrated cache cleaner
  • Schedule automatic updates
  • Get all version 1 updates free.

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LJScripts Site Check LE Screenshot

LJScripts Site Check LE Screenshot